The tools to succeed

The training program will help you quickly get to grips with using Arya
and give you all the tools you need to maximize your results.

Refresher training

After a refresher covering the basics of trading, this module will teach you how Arya works and how she can take your results to the next level. Our trader adviser will share their methodology so you can work out whether to buy or sell and interpret the different market situations.

Get started with Arya

You will receive extensive support so you can install Arya and set up your personalized trading space properly, which you can manage at home or remotely. After this module, Arya will be operational and you will be able to start making the most of your trading assistant.

Arya in every situation

Markets don’t always behave in the same way. Learn to recognize and then act on trending and range-bound markets with real examples. Watch several live situation simulations and find out how Arya makes it possible to implement different strategies such as breakout strategies or even how to make use of scalping more effectively.


Together we can create the biggest global
community of winning traders