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Your Arya pack contains the Arya usage license, the training program, your entry ticket to the Traders League™, and access to the investors club.


Trade with Arya now

997/ year
The Arya license for one year
The training program6
Entry to the Traders League™
Access to the investors club8
Access to a Weekly Traders Room9
Access to a Monthly Masterclass10
Up to €250,000/trade11


Push Arya to the max

1997/ for life
The Arya license for life5
The training program6
Entry to the Traders League™7
Access to the investors club8
Access to a Weekly Traders Room9
Access to a Monthly Masterclass10
Up to €250,000/trade11


For the demanding trader

2997/ year
The Arya license for one year
The training program2
Entry to the Traders League™3
Access to the investors club4
Access to a Weekly Traders Room5
Access to a Monthly Masterclass6
No limits to the position size7


Together we can create the biggest global community of winning traders


Frequently Asked Questions

The questions asked most often by our clients.

Why Arya?

If you need to choose which way to trade (sale or purchase), experience shows that humans are unquestionably the best at making a rational decision based on a number of factors.
 However, an algorithm will always perform calculation, management, and position entry/exit tasks more effectively, impartially, and quickly in real time. Revolutionary in its approach and design, Arya combines the best that humans and technology have to offer to enhance trading and improve your results.

Is Arya a robot that trades without human input?

No. We understand the danger of trading robots and their far-fetched promises of automatic wealth. Arya is like a sports car. She is capable of stunning performance, but she needs a driver - That’s where you come in.

Does the Arya pack include a guarantee?

We are absolutely certain that you will like the ecosystem and the results obtained by Arya, which is why we are offering all our clients a full 14-day satisfaction guarantee. If something isn’t right, simply let us know by email and we will give you a full refund.

How does the capital protection work?

Sometimes human emotions affect our risk taking. Your assistant Arya maximizes your gains and limits your losses in line with pre-set levels. You remain free to take big risks and use big leverage, but Arya takes care of calculating your commitment in line with the market and will watch over you, even in your absence.
If you lose too much, she will suspend your trading until the next day, so “burning up” a trading account with Arya is physically impossible.

How does the training program work?

Arya was designed to maximize your time, and so were our training programs. All available online, you can access them in your client space as soon as you have made your purchase.
Our training team (which includes Arya’s founders and our best traders) explain how to install and use Arya through videos following simple steps.
Depending on your trading experience, you can move straight onto the advanced sections of the training.
For getting to know your new assistant, we have prepared a digital guide that you can print out. It lists all Arya’s functions and scenarios to help you make decisions that get you up and running in a matter of minutes.

What is the Investors Club?

Proper diversification is crucial for managing your assets well. Because we want to support the success of the Arya community, your Arya pack will include privileged access to our partner Greenbull Family’s Investors Club.

I am a beginner. I am an experienced trader.

Your intelligent assistant adapts to your level, whether you are a beginner or have a wealth of experience. Thanks to the Arya training program, it is quick and easy to get up and running. The interface is simple and combines indicators that go straight to the point to give you the best trading experience and enable you to achieve the best possible results.
 Arya can also be personalized and is compatible with all types of trading strategies and indicators.

What is the Traders League™?

Because we have confidence in Arya’s effectiveness, we are investing a large portion of our equity capital in the traders who we believe are the pillars of the Arya community.
The Traders League™ is the global competition for Arya traders that you have access to when you purchase any Arya pack.
In addition to trading their own funds, each quarter our best traders can win the chance to trade a portion of our capital.
So there’s more trading capital for you, which means greater potential profit. 
And for us, this is a step towards our mission: revolutionizing the world of trading and creating the largest global community of winning traders.

What does the Monthly Improvement Masterclass consist of?

Being an Arya trader means being part of a global movement that pushes the boundaries of trading every day and challenging oneself to attain extraordinary results. 
Each month, one of our trader advisers runs an online Masterclass to help you move forward in your trading approach with Arya. You can get answers to any questions you may have directly and gain entry to the inner sanctum of the very best. Draw inspiration from their trading to maximize your gains and, who knows, perhaps land a spot at the top of the Traders League™.

What is the weekly Traders Room?

Each week, our trader advisers share a report on the previous week as well as their analyses and adjustments for the week to come. You will be alerted to any economic news that could affect the markets and have the chance to ask any questions to improve your Arya experience.

What instruments can be used with Arya?

Arya can be used to trade Forex along with CFD trading on indices, metals, energy and cryptocurrencies.

What platform does Arya work on and which brokers are compatible?

Arya uses the MetaTrader platform, a major player in the market recognized for its stability and robustness. 
You can use any broker, but we provide a list of partner brokers that we have assessed using strict quality, liquidity, and optimum execution conditions. All our partners are 100% compatible with the Arya solution and the Traders League™.

I still have questions!

If you have any other questions, get in touch with our team at 01 84 60 40 10 or


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