The Arya Revolution

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The best that humans and technology have to offer

One of the biggest weaknesses a human trader can have is a mindset that invariably leads them to manage money badly.

Because our human emotions should not influence our financial results, Arya enables her traders to concentrate on what they do best: determining the market trend and their position.

Improved results

Calculates risk-reward ratio in real time. Takes volatility into account. Optimizes stop-loss and take-profit orders.

Capital is secured

Strict money management. Automated trading size calculations. Loss limitation and profit protection.

Trading automation

Market intelligence and placement of entry points and exit points in real time. Fully programmable scenarios.

Arya takes care of her trader

Arya includes a range of essential functions that an algorithm will always perform more effectively, impartially and quicker than a human could.

Capital protection

Arya is immunized against human emotions and applies strict money management.

Risk management

The optimum return is calculated in relation to market volatility. Stop-loss and take-profit orders are adapted in real time.

Optimization of entry decisions

The best entry points are calculated several times per second on each time unit.


Entry, exit, and management are automated. The best points are determined using an algorithm. Take advantage of market intelligence and triggering in real time.

Profit optimization

Several types of trailing are available. Trades are executed at the right time. Reaction time is optimized.

Predictive algorithm

Market trends are identified. Graphic indicators are optimized. Benefit from decision-making assistance.

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Revolutionizing the world of trading

With Arya, our goal is simple: to assemble the largest global community of winning traders!
Trading is a fantastic way to create wealth, and we believe that everyone should have access to it to generate additional income.
That is why we created the Ultimate Pack.

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The Arya Revolution

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